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Caregivers' Training Workshops

Earlier this year, Silver Caregivers' Co-operative Limited (SCCL) introduced a series of six caregivers' training workshops approved by the Agency for Integrated Care. These workshops seek to address the psycho-social needs of caregivers. They deal with issues such as grieving, depression and sharing caregiving responsibilities within the family. 

On 19 May (Thurs), SCCL held its first workshop, "Absolute Restoration in Grieving."

Workshop synopsis:

We all grieve at some point in our lives, what more for caregivers of the chronically ill. Come and learn about the nature of grief and grieving experienced by caregivers. Participants will be equipped to better support various grieving situations. They will take part in an open discussion to learn about the different ways people handle grief.

Please click here for more info on our upcoming workshops!