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Membeship driive

Join us as SCCL members and let us help and support one another in the caregiving journey. 

1.What is SCCL?

SCCL is a Co-operative incorporated under the Co-operative Societies Act and formed by like-minded individuals interested in providing support for caregivers. 


2.What is the mission of SCCL?

The mission of SCCL, a social enterprise is to: 

  • Empower caregivers with relevant skills
  • Help equip and prepare new caregivers
  • Provide support to caregivers to enable them to care for their own needs and well being 
  • Advocate for caregiver support
  • Enlighten the larger society on the social and emotional challenges faced by caregivers and to recognise their important social contribution to the family and society. 
3. Who is eligible to join SCCL?
Citizens and residents of Singapore

4. What type of membership does SCCL offer?
a) Ordinary Membership 
b) Institutional Membership
5. How can I join SCCL?
By completing this application form and subscribing for a minimum of 1 share (Ordinary Membership)  of $50, together with a $10 administration fee. This is a lifetime membership unless member chose to withdraw. No further fees will be collected unless members want to increase their shareholdings. Members can subscribe for more than 1 share, subject to approval.  eg. 1 share = $50, 2 shares = $100, 3 shares = $150 and so on plus an admin fee of $10. 

6. How can payment be made? 
a) Payment can be through Bank transfer to:
    OCBC Bank Current Account: 6478-5035-3001
b) By cheque to Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited

For enquiries, please call 65363648

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