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Health Screening

An annual Health screening is a worthwhile investment. It enables you and your loved ones to detect any diseases early, increasing the chances of cure.

As part of our effort to encourage health screening, Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited (SCCL) in collaboration with Medi Fast is pleased to offer a discounted Gold Health Screening package done at the comfort of your home. The package requires fasting, and include a nurse visitation to collect blood samples and a doctor’s consultation for an explanation of your results.

To signup, simply contact us at 6536-3648 or email your Name, NRIC and date of birth to


   Gold Health Screening

 Basic Medical Examination
 - Height and weight measurement
 - BMI Calculation
 - Blood pressure measurement

 Diabetic Profile
 - Glucose

 Renal Function (Kidney)
 - Urea
 - Creatinine
 - Sodium
 - Potassium
 - Chloride

 Coronary Risk / Cardiac Profile
 - Total Cholesterol
 - Triglyceridesb
 - HDL, LDL Cholesterol
 - Chol/ HDL Ratio

 Liver Profile
 - Total Protein
 - Albumin
 - Globulin
 - A/G Ratio
 - Total Bilirubin
 - Alkaline Phosphatase

 Haematology Profile
 - Full Blood count
 - Peripheral Blood Film (PBF)
 - ESR
 - ABO Grouping

 Hepatitis Profile
 - Hepatitis Bs Antigen
 - Hepatitis Bs Antibody
 - Hepatitis A Antibody

 Thyroid Profile
 - FT4
 - TSH

 Tumour Markers
 - AFP (Liver)
 - CEA (Colon)
 - PSA (Male)
 - CA125 (Female Ovaries)
 - CA19.9 (Intestinal)

 Bone & Joint Profile
 - Calcium
 - Phosphate
 - Uric Acid
 - RA Factor

 Urine Analysis
 - Urine FEME  


UP: $480