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Caregiver Mentor Training

The Caregiver Mentor is a people-centric upstream, preventive intervention that provides support to the family caregiver at the initial stage of caregiving where stress is high. The Caregiver Mentor provides immediate assistance to novice caregiver on the psycho-social and practical support at the crucial stage of novice caregivers’ caregiving journey in the initial months. Mentoring helps novice caregiver reduce their anxiety, stress and helplessness in caring for their loved ones.

The Caregiver Mentor training will allow the experienced caregiver to contribute to the community and enhance their employability at the same time by ensuring that the experienced caregiver to possess the skills, attitude and activity idea needed to effectively mentor a caregiver mentees.

To register, please call us at 6536-3648 or email us at


Three-day Course*

Lessons run from 9:30am to 6pm.

  1. Mentoring Guide for Caregiver Mentor 
  2. Mentoring Ground Rules 
  3. Relationship Development and Maintenance

*Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon 100% attendance of three days


Course Fees

$1,000 for 10 training modules